AlienLayer’s $1.17/mo VPS

So I was riding the “T” to work the other day and I was reading my email as I always do during my morning commute and I see a twitter follow from a web host called AlienLayer.  I go check out their site and it looks like some ultra low quality hosting provider.  I was actually interested in finding an ultra cheap VPS so I could do some basic linux project testing on an always-on server.  I see that they are featuring an “abduction” plan for only $19/year and the twitter account had a discount code of “low” that drops it by $5.  The VPS was then only $14 a year or a little over a dollar a month.  For that price, this thing could have one nine of uptime (90%) and I would be happy with it. Continue reading AlienLayer’s $1.17/mo VPS