Business Tax Forms

I found a cool web site for completing 1099 and w-2 forms for only $2.95 each.  This site is great for small businesses who need to file these forms and it enables you to easily get the job done affordably.

From their website:

Quick Employer Forms is for small business owners who have employees or use independent contractors to help them get their work done.

If you operated a business (including a Schedule C/Sole Proprietorship, an LLC, Corporation, S-Corp, or Partnership) and you had employees or independent contractors, you need to send a W-2 to employees or 1099 to independent contractors before the end of January. Quick Employer Forms makes it a lot easier to create and file these forms with the IRS. There’s no need to buy forms or worry about special printing requirements, including colored ink. For additional business banking needs you can get more info online.

Quick Employer Forms is an online tool that allows small business owners to quickly and easily create W-2s and 1099s (as well as other required forms). It asks you easy questions, and then completes the forms for you automatically. It even e-files the forms and can mail required copies to your employees and contractors (you can of course mail them yourself if you prefer). It also creates other forms required by law, such as quarterly (Form 941) and annual (Form 940) payroll forms. If you are looking for loan options for your business visit

Unfortunately, the deadline for filing these has passed for 2009, but you can definitely bookmark this url for next year.

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