2 weeks to Iterate

I am really excited to announce that team CHRL-E was a hit. We landed in the top 5 projects at Hackathon and as a prize, we get two weeks to finish the project! We actually had a fully functional project by end of Hackathon so we are going to be focusing on making it super easy for people to release code to CHRL-E and then work with as many people as we can and help them implement something they are interested in to encourage product adoption. I think if anyone spends an hour writing a script, they will see how easy and fun it is to add functionality to CHRL-E. Today we setup some permanent channels on our our Openfire server where CHRL-E will hang out. We also added SVN monitoring to all of our repositories so that all SVN commits are logged to the engineering channel. We also worked a bit on integrating with another team’s project, a cool Extreme Feedback device that has different colored lights to correspond to company revenue goals, a red revolving alarm light tied to our outage alert system, and a lava lamp that indicates when our mailings are going out. CHRL-E will be able to toggle all the lights on demand. We also started to connect CHRL-E to our Pingdom site monitoring so that we can share Site Uptime and Response Time stats easily with the company.

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