Network hosting providers

The information of a website can be posted to one or more web servers across the world, and then the server in each country is contacted to retrieve the information in order to show it to visitors.

Who are the top web host providers in the world?

Networks hosting the most websites

The top hosting companies by the number of websites they host are:

HostGator tops the list of the most popular web hosts worldwide. They host over a hundred thousand websites on the Internet.

HostGator’s motto is “Giving Your Customers The Best.”

For details, refer to the table below.

DNS Servers

Which hosting companies have the most Internet addresses and internet domain names registered?

FQDN DNS Name DNS Name ISP Name UPC Domain Name Prodigy Cogent 85,426 178,465 72,505.01 TechBizx 86,780 176,860 72,908.39 85,935 175,613 73,234.37 84,993 172,284 73,004.85 84,155 172,295 73,009.98 84,006 172,845 73,024.28

DNS suffixes

All hosting companies provide a DNS server for their customers and services like wordpress hosting can work great with wordpress sites.

What is a DNS suffix?

A DNS suffix is a piece of information in DNS that will direct the web servers of an individual or a site towards the server in each individual country where the domain is hosted. The server in each individual country will then process the request to fetch the corresponding website.

DNS suffixes are usually a “dot”. Some common DNS suffixes are “”, “”, and “”.

Refer to the table below for more information on DNS suffixes.

Web Server Availability

Does the hosting company offer dedicated web servers for which my customers can access their websites without delay?

How easy is it to pay a monthly recurring subscription to your web hosting company?

Does your web hosting provider offer a virtual private server, where a customer can host their own virtual server from your own web hosting company?

What type of technology does your web hosting company use?

Is it primarily software based?

Is it primarily hardware based?

Is it a hosted content platform or is it a content management system?

Does your web hosting company provide easy to use configuration options for the website administrators?

Have you ever installed a website at your own web hosting company?

Refer to the table below to learn more about the type of technology used at the web hosting company.

Managed Servers

What is a managed server?

A managed server is a server that has been customized with the ability to manage its own resources.

How is a managed server implemented?

A managed server is usually setup on a dedicated server.

What is a web hosting company’s maintenance schedule?

What is a hosted content platform or is it a content management system?

What are virtual private servers and how does it differ from a web hosting company’s managed servers?

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