Online Retailers

With online shopping you get access to all types of garments, fashions and styles at the same time, as well as have access to your favorite online stores for more detailed information about the style. You’ll even have access to your clothing in various sizes, styles and colors in a way you never thought possible. And most importantly, you’ll have access to great discounts and coupon codes, including Kohl’s coupons.


Shopping cart: 6 tips to design it and take your checkouts to the next  level | ECN | E-Commerce Nation

There are many different online retailers who offer the opportunity to purchase your favorite clothing and accessories on your mobile devices.

The online shopping process starts by entering a certain link on the website where you can view a catalog of clothing. From the catalog, you can choose to have your favorite item of clothing delivered to your home.

You can also choose to pick up your clothing from a retail store where you can easily purchase your apparel for delivery. You can also place a pre-order by visiting the website of the retailer and placing a pre-order before you know when your apparel is delivered.

There are also other options for getting your apparel delivered from home. For example, you can receive your clothing directly from your favorite retailers in store or online. Alternatively, you can find a retailer to send your apparel to a pre-paid address in your home. If you choose to place a pre-order, we recommend that you place your order no later than 45 days from the date you place your order for the merchandise you would like to receive.

Using SAML on AWS from the CLI

Hey folks, I just wanted to write up a quick post about how I’m using SAML to login to the AWS CLI at work. There is plenty of content out there for how to configure access to the AWS console so I’m not going to talk about that. Instead, I will focus on how to use SAML for command line access using the AWS CLI tools. Specifically, how to get it working with Azure MFA and some of the issues I have run into along the way.

First, you can access the fully working sample at Please feel free to fork, PR raise issues etc.

This code is based off the blog post here but was tweaked to work with Azure MFA.

By using this tool, now you can simply type `saml` at the mac command prompt, enter your username and password, authenticate on your MFA authenticator, then choose which SAML role to assume. The script will save your sts token into your shell for immediate use and store the credentials in your aws config profile under the “saml” profile for use up to one hour later.

When trying to follow the guide above, I ran into issues where the flow was a bit different since we were using Azure MFA in addition to ADFS. After a lot of trial and effort, I found the right parameters and syntax to get the requests fired off and to get a valid SAML response.

One issue we had was there was a different UI experience in Azure MFA if a user had a phone number set in the directory or not. So if you are seeing odd issues where the flow is different for different users, check the phone number field in Active directory.

Also please be aware that the max duration these credentials can be used is 1 hour due to a limit on the AssumeRoleWithSAML API call. Although you can extend this timeout with simple MFA on an IAM user, you can not extend this when assuming a SAML role.

Network hosting providers

The information of a website can be posted to one or more web servers across the world, and then the server in each country is contacted to retrieve the information in order to show it to visitors.

Who are the top web host providers in the world?

Networks hosting the most websites

The top hosting companies by the number of websites they host are:

HostGator tops the list of the most popular web hosts worldwide. They host over a hundred thousand websites on the Internet.

HostGator’s motto is “Giving Your Customers The Best.”

For details, refer to the table below.

DNS Servers

Which hosting companies have the most Internet addresses and internet domain names registered?

FQDN DNS Name DNS Name ISP Name UPC Domain Name Prodigy Cogent 85,426 178,465 72,505.01 TechBizx 86,780 176,860 72,908.39 85,935 175,613 73,234.37 84,993 172,284 73,004.85 84,155 172,295 73,009.98 84,006 172,845 73,024.28

DNS suffixes

All hosting companies provide a DNS server for their customers and services like wordpress hosting can work great with wordpress sites.

What is a DNS suffix?

A DNS suffix is a piece of information in DNS that will direct the web servers of an individual or a site towards the server in each individual country where the domain is hosted. The server in each individual country will then process the request to fetch the corresponding website.

DNS suffixes are usually a “dot”. Some common DNS suffixes are “”, “”, and “”.

Refer to the table below for more information on DNS suffixes.

Web Server Availability

Does the hosting company offer dedicated web servers for which my customers can access their websites without delay?

How easy is it to pay a monthly recurring subscription to your web hosting company?

Does your web hosting provider offer a virtual private server, where a customer can host their own virtual server from your own web hosting company?

What type of technology does your web hosting company use?

Is it primarily software based?

Is it primarily hardware based?

Is it a hosted content platform or is it a content management system?

Does your web hosting company provide easy to use configuration options for the website administrators?

Have you ever installed a website at your own web hosting company?

Refer to the table below to learn more about the type of technology used at the web hosting company.

Managed Servers

What is a managed server?

A managed server is a server that has been customized with the ability to manage its own resources.

How is a managed server implemented?

A managed server is usually setup on a dedicated server.

What is a web hosting company’s maintenance schedule?

What is a hosted content platform or is it a content management system?

What are virtual private servers and how does it differ from a web hosting company’s managed servers?

How to change your life with a Rubik’s Cube

What if I told you that by playing with a simple children’s toy, you could better handle difficult challenges at work and in your personal life? Would you try it or would you just read this and tell yourself “that’s interesting, but I don’t really think it would do anything for me?” I found a secret in a common toy¬†that will help you unlock your potential for life-long learning, upgrade your tenacity, and improve your ability to solve difficult problems in life and work. There have been over 350 million Rubik’s cubes sold, making it the best-selling toy of all time. Yet it is estimated that only 1% of people above age 10 in the US can actually solve the Rubik’s cube. Continue reading How to change your life with a Rubik’s Cube